The interaction of national and global organizing structures is increasingly affecting the coordination of economic, social and political activity in modern economies. In this blog, which was started in January 2009, a group of researchers shares ideas, concepts and examples on how to deal with old and new forms of such transnational governance.


Mostly, we are are members and affiliates of the research group “Institution Building Across Borders” at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. For details see contributors.


Several reasons: First, we love our work and like to write about it  and discuss it. Second, we often meet people in the field or at conferences who are interested in our work. This blog and its feed make it easier to follow it. Third, a lot of interesting stuff doesn’t make into journals – it is or appears too speculative, too small a contribution, too practical, too theoretical, too special. But still, it may be helpful and interesting for someone, which brings us to the last question:

For whom?

First of all, for ourselves. We believe Weick is right, when he says “people know what they think when they see what they say.” So, blogging can help us think. Second, for anybody interested in (discussing) our work on institution building and governance across borders.