One of the things that makes blogs particularly interesting are series. In this blog, for example, Phil features a series on “microcredit myths“. Today we are starting a series recommending series at related blogs. As an opener I present Digital Renaissance’s “Songs to the Music Business”.

The guys behind Digital Renaissance  –  two music label owners, a researcher and an expert on the movie business – describe the rationale for their blog as follows:

There need to be a Digital Renaissance. Renaissance is the french word for rebirth. It was a cultural movement that brought us out of the middle ages and into the future and then some with a vengeance 4.0 style. The world adjusted to this cultural movement. It is time for the world to start adjusting to the Digital Renaissance.

Yesterday, they started a series “with songs that can be translated as good stories of – or advice/mindsets to the music business”. The first entry of the series is devoted to Warren G and his piece “What’s love got to do with it?” (YouTube-Video) . There they are claiming that Warren G is “telling the whole truth” in the third verse, where he raps:

“Now for these labels tellin’ fables, makin’ the messed-up deals under the tables. You think that you smart, but, fool, I’m the smartest. You can’t make no money if you can’t keep an artist.”

In the second entry called “Music Will Forever Stand” they turn to more classic recordings and refer to the 1961 track “It will stand” (YouTube) of General Johnson’s “The Showman” to make their point:

Sometimes we hear people argue that internet and especially file sharing kills music. If you can’t make money on your art there will be no artists. They don’t understand that the difference between art and the regular job, they’re obviously comparing with, is that art is an urge that the artist can’t live without expressing.

I am really looking forward to reading the upcoming entries in this series.