I would like to use our blog to draw our readers’ attention to a mini-conference that I organize together with Tim Bartley, Nicole Helmerich and Chikako Oka titled “Regulating Labor and Environment: Beyond the Public-Private Divide”. The mini-conference will take place in the framework of the 2012 Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) at MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) on June 28-30, 2012.

The central question that we would like to address during the mini-conference is what the implications of global shifts and transnational standards for domestic regulatory projects in labor and environmental fields are. On the one hand, we invite papers that seek to explain how local contexts shape implementation and effectiveness of labor and environmental regulation in a globalizing world. On the other hand, our focus is the intersection between public and private forms of environmental and labor governance. To sum up, we seek to examine transnational-domestic and private-public links in transnational labor and environmental governance.

We invite papers that examine new or reinvigorated forms of environmental and labor regulation, their dynamics and impact. Instead of focusing on the nature of rule-making – private, public or hybrid; local, national or transnational – we are interested in discussing cross-cutting conceptual issues and new empirical evidence on the relationships between various forms of environmental and labor regulation, global transformations and local regulatory effects.

We seek to garner theoretical, methodological, and regional diversity in the papers to foster exciting new conversations and insights.

The deadline for submitting extended paper proposals of max. 1000 words is January 15, 2012. – The deadline has been extended to January 22, 2012 – We will ask authors to provide a complete paper by June 1, 2012 and assign a discussant to each paper.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

You can find more information here: www.sase.org; http://sase.org/mini-conferences/themes_fr_115.html#MC3

Call for Papers