At the beginning of this year, the Texas A&M University at Qatar held the First Liberal Arts International Conference to exchange ideas on the “Ethical Engagement with Globalization, Citizenship and Multiculturalism”. Now, the call for the second round is published. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines are invited to “(Re)think[..] Global Connectedness” through “Critical Perspectives on Globalization”.

The list of suggested themes is long and covers many areas addressed on this blog, including conceptual questions; “(Re)Thinking Ethics in a Globalized World”; “Global Movements: Environment, Peace, Violence”; and “Legal Concerns of a Bordered/Borderless World” (source).

The conference will take place on January 26-28, 2014, in Doha, Qatar. Applicants can suggest panels or individual papers. The deadline for (short) proposals is September 15, 2013.