"This Painting is Not Available in Your Country" A recurrent theme on this blog is how the seemingly global online world is still  – and in some fields even increasingly – divided by barriers, which are still tied to national borders. In this context, about eight months ago our article “This Post is Available in Your Country” featured a painting by the Hungarian artist Paul Mutant that ironically addressed the omnipresence of blocked video content on the web. Actually, very recently a Berlin based copyright expert told me that, for example, in Germany the majority of videos on YouTube were blocked because of (alleged) copyright infringements.

In an exhibition in the Három Hét Galéria in Budapest, Mutant now takes his idea to the extreme, as is evidenced by the pictures below (all photos provided by the artist).

Wall full of "This painting ..." paintings

More "This Painting.." paintings

In addition to multiple displays of his “This painting is not available in your country”, Mutant also visualized how his work spread on the internet.

Visualization of Linkbacks to picture of painting

Specifically one of the featured sites honored us:

gxb @ Mutant

More on the exhibition, which is open until June 14, 2011, can be found at haromhet.hu.